Upgrading path to snow-capped mountains in Kachin State to promote eco-tourism industry

Local sources report that ef­forts are underway to enhance the trail leading to the snow-capped mountains in Kachin State to promote eco-tourism.


Mounts Phonkanrazi and Phonrinrazi, located in PutaO Township, are well-known des­tinations for both alpinists and adventurers. Along the Upper Sangong-Lonnadam-Ziyadam road, which connects to these mountains, reside 1,139 res­idents across eight villages. Improving this road infrastruc­ture not only aims to attract more visitors to the area but also promises benefits for the local communities.


On 17 February, Kachin State Chief Minister U Khet Htein Nan conducted an in­spection to evaluate the pro­gress of the road upgrade.


Funding for the upgrade, spanning a length of 24 miles and seven furlongs, comes from the Union, Ministry of Border Affairs, and Kachin State government.


The improvement efforts involve paving the 34-foot-wide gravel road, widening it by clearing mountains, and con­structing reinforced concrete bridges.


Currently, the Depart­ment of Highways’ bridge construction team is working on a 240-foot-long reinforced concrete bridge across Mular Creek.


PutaO is home to three majestic icy peaks: Phangran­razi (14,200 feet), Phonrinrazi (14,000 feet), and Phonkanrazi (11,920 feet). Journeys from PutaO to these mountains take 14 days to Phangranrazi, 13 nights and 14 days to Phonyin­razi, and 10 days to Phonkan­razi. The former two present more challenges, offering ex­hilarating adventures. — TWA/ NT