Weekly market update of dry groceries at Bayintnaung Commodity Wholesale Centre

For the week from 20 to 27 February 2024, prices of black grams bounced back. Prices of green grams (Shwewah va­riety), chickpeas and pigeon peas declined. The onion price remained high. The wholesale reference price for palm oil inched higher a bit compared with that of the previous week.



With 240,000 visses of on­ions flowing into the Bayint­naung market, the opening price was on the high side. The wholesale prices hit the high­est of K1,900-K3,800 per viss depending on the producing areas (Seikphyu, Myittha and Myingyan) on 27 February.


Chilli pepper

Wholesale prices of chil­li peppers were registered at K9,000-K11,000 per viss for long chilli pepper and Moehtaung variety on 27 February. Prices of bell peppers from the Sin­phyukyun and Bilin areas were K14,500-K17,000 per viss.



Prices of garlic from Aungban, Shan State, hit K16,000-K17,800 per viss, de­pending on varieties and qual­ities on 27 February, whereas the Kyukok garlic price rose to K9,800 per viss. Newly supplied garlic from Shan State fetched K12,500-K14,500 per viss.



Shan potatoes touched a high of K1,900-K2,400 per viss on 27 February.



Prices hit K86,000-K90,000 per sack of non-premium mon­soon rice K103,000-K115,000 per sack of Pawkywe variety on 21 February. Meanwhile, the new Pawsan rice of premium quality was worth K140,000-K166,000 per sack depending on produc­ing areas (Pyapon, Myaung­mya, Shwebo). The sticky rice fetched K100,000-K102,000 per sack.


Palm oil

For the week from 26 February to 3 March 2023, the wholesale reference price of Yangon Region is set higher to K5,180 per viss, which is up by K40 compared with that of last week.



The prices of various puls­es stood at K3,220,000 per tonne of black grams (Fair Average Quality/RC), K3,442,000 per tonne of black grams (Spe­cial Quality/RC), K3,710,000 per tonne of pigeon peas (red gram) RC, K4,250 per viss of green grams (Shwewah) and K6,250-K6,400 per viss of chick­peas in Yangon’s wholesale markets on 27 February 2024. — TWA/KK