Green areca nut prices edge up amid low stocks, Chinese market demand

Low stock, short supply and purchasing from China are the reasons for the slight increase in green areca nut prices, ac­cording to the market.


“Young betel nut price is now slightly increasing. It var­ies from day to day. The price has changed three times in the last few days. The reason is the lower stock. Then the price goes up. As buyers rush to buy amidst the low stock, there is fluctuation in the mar­ket opening price rather than a rise in price. In later days, it is expected to fall again,” said a betel nut shop owner from Myaungmya township.


Currently, young areca nuts in the market are produced by Myaungmya, and there are some products from Mawlamy­ine, Dawei, and Ye townships.


The wholesale price has recently changed, and it has be­come K3,300-K3,600, compared to K2,900-K3,200 per viss of betel nuts.


There are some Chinese buyers for green areca nuts (locally called juicy betel nut), which are cured by heating and drying before export. Green areca nut is a new market that has recently emerged for the benefit of areca palm farmers, and the nuts are harvested young rather than waiting for them to mature. — Thit Taw/ZN