Yaychanzins along Yenangyoung-Magway- Chauk Road require more water to refill pots

The Yenangyoung-Magway-Chauk Road has public water stands that traditionally provide free drinking water pots (Yaychanzin). Now, the number of people consuming water has increased due to high tem­peratures. Hence, the water pots need to be refilled more frequently, according to the Yenantha Dingar Brothers Parahita group, a charity organization which takes charge of donating drinking water pots.


At present, the temperature has been extremely high in Magway, Yenangyoung and Chauk townships, and the Parahita group is also donating water to villages in Chauk where water is scarce.


"We do water donation in particular. Due to extreme heat, we have to refill drinking water pots all the time. We also donate water to villages that suffer from annual water scarcity. We can't grow plants at present. We need to focus more on water donation, especially in the Yenangyoung and Chauk townships. The temperature is gradually increasing here, so we refill drinking water pots once in four days previously. Now, we do so every alternate day," said an official from the group.


The group has planned to complete a pro­ject of growing shady trees along 70-mile Ye­nangyoung-Magway-Chauk Road on both sides in seven years.


"We have been growing shady trees along 70- mile Yenangyoung-Magway-Chauk Road, and it is expected to be completed in seven years. We began it in the 2023 monsoon. Starting from Daungthay bridge in northern Magway, we have now completed in three sections — at the entrance to Deikkon village in northern Magway, at Yenangyoung bypass and at Kyaungshataw village in Chauk, aiming to water them easily," he said.


In addition to growing trees with the aim of providing shade for travellers, the group has also provided drinking water stands and public rest-hous­es. Currently, it has provided more than 100 drinking water stands. — Thit Taw/ZS