Indawgyi Sanctuary records 6,215 waterfowl sightings in April

The Indawgyi Wildlife Sanctuary in Mohnyin Township, Kachin State, has documented 6,215 native and migratory waterfowl this April, according to its Warden U Maung Win.


The researchers monitored the east­ern and western banks of the Indawgyi Lake, Indaw Creek and Naladan Village. They encountered difficulties in docu­menting the bird population, primarily stemming from the dense presence of algae and flotsam crowding the waters of Indaw Creek.


U Maung Win said: “We’ve docu­mented 20 species totalling 4,586 native waterfowl and 21 species comprising 1,629 migratory waterfowl in April. Ad­ditionally, we also spotted two white-rumped vultures and 54 Himalayan vul­tures in April 2023. They’re both rare species”.


Indawgyi is the largest lake in My­anmar and the third largest in Southeast Asia.


At an elevation of 700 feet above sea level, the natural lake spans 14 miles from south to north and extends seven miles in width. The total area is 314.67 square miles.


The lake’s minimal human settle­ment and protection by the Forest De­partment ensure a pristine environment and decent water quality. Among the eight Ramsar Wetland Sites in Myanmar, it boasts the highest number of wintering birds. — ASH/NT