Roscosmos holds space technology seminar at Yangon Technological University

A seminar on space technology initiated by Russian astronaut of Roscosmos State Coopera­tion was held at Yangon Tech­nological University yesterday.


The event was attended by Deputy Director-Gener­al for International Cooper­ation Mr Savelyev Sergey Valentinovich of Roscosmos State Cooperation, Executive Director for Manned Space Programme astronaut Mr Kri­kalev Sergey Konstantinovich, representatives of Samara University, rectors, pro-rec­tors and students of Yangon Technological University, University of Computer Stud­ies (Yangon), University of Information Technology, West Yangon Technological Univer­sity, Technological University (Hmawby) and Technological University (Thanlyin) and My­anmar Aerospace Engineering University.


Yangon Technological University Rector Dr Myint Thein first made an opening speech, and Russian Exec­utive Director for Manned Space Programme astronaut Mr Krikalev Sergey Konstan­tinovich shared his aerospace experiences with faculty mem­bers and students.


Chief Executive Officer Dmitrity A Baranov of Sama­ra University then discussed the exchange programmes on space technology between Yangon Technological Univer­sity and Samara University. — MNA/KTZH