Bago mung bean growers earn good profits

FARMERS who cultivated mung beans as a winter crop in Thabyaygon, Zee Taw, and Phatseikgon villages in Pyay township of Bago Region, are pleased with the profits they made this year, according to mung bean growers from Gone Zin village.


Mung bean growers said they were pleased with this harvest period because their farms gave higher yields compared with last year and they received good prices for their crops.


Farmers cultivating mung beans rely on the South Nawin dam, North Nawin dam, and Thasi dam for irrigation. Mung beans are mostly grown in Thabyaygon, Zee Taw, Phatseikgon, and Khweyeegon villages.


“This year, our farmers are happy with growing mung beans because they made handsome profits and got a high yield. We were happy to give labour charges, too, because we got handsome profits. We paid labour charges of K6,000 to male and K5,000 to female workers.


Last year, the mung bean yield was 10 baskets per acre. This year, the yield was 18 baskets per acre. This year, the price of mung beans was K33,000 per basket. Some farmers did not need to sell them in the market because merchants were coming and buying the mung beans directly from the farm,” said U Kyaw San, a mung bean grower from Gong Zin village.—Zayar Htet (Minbu)


(Translated by Hay Mar)