Online booking needed to apply for RTAD service

04 June 

“The online booking is a must in applying for the Road and Transport Administration Department (RTAD) services such as the extension of the vehicle licences, new vehicle licences and renewal of driving licences,” said RTAD Regional Head U Thein Htut at a media conference held on 2 June at RTAD office in Yangon Region.

“The RTAD offices from across the country are resuming their service starting from 1 June. We are ready to resume our operation under the guideline of the Health Department. People who wish to do the extension of vehicle licences, new vehicle licences and driving licences must book online. Also, they have to do the booking within the prescribed period. They need to show the needed evidence that they have already registered online,” he stated.

When the operation starts in Myintha RTAD, only 700 vehicles will have registration service a day. The office work will be started at 8:30 am. For those who wish to do the vehicle registration, only two persons are allowed to enter the office and they also need to bring the documents of the vehicle, he added.

Also, only 160 people are allowed to take the driving trial. Only those who pass the written test will be allowed to take the trial in Ywarthagyi.

There are 1.1 million vehicles across the country. Among them, half of the vehicles are in Yangon Region. Also, one-third of the driving licences out of 2.3 million is from Yangon Region. So, the RTAD service being provided in the Yangon Region is a herculean task. However, the RTAD service in Myintha is being provided by only a small crew of 80.

Myint Maung Soe (Translated by Hay Mar)