Myanmar to export semi-processed mangoes on a trial basis to Malaysia

With the exporting of high-quality mangoes to foreign countries, Myanmar will export the semi-processed mangoes on a trial basis to Malaysia to be able to prevent the mangoes from being waste, said Chairperson Daw Than Than Swe of Myanmar Mangoes Association. “We have a high demand for the dried mangoes. To export high-quality mangoes, we can find only one-tenth of the high-quality ones in a mango truck. If we can manufacture value-added mangoes from the remaining ones from the truck, the international market may be interested in our mango market,” she added.

The government also needs to provide some value-added production training. If we can manufacture the mango paste, the semi-processed mangoes and other value-added products, we can penetrate the international market, thereby saving the wasting of mango. So, we are making the dried sheets of mango pulp domestically from almost rotten mangoes. Also, we are making the mango paste. Then, we are growing the mango seeds and sell them back. The sheaths of the mango are also used as fertilizer, she said.

Although Myanmar is exporting the famous mangoes such as Shwehintha, Ma Chit Su and Padamyar Nga Mauk to the foreign countries, Seintalone species is one of the main export mango species. Myanmar needs to penetrate the international market by manufacturing value-added products from mango.

“Myanmar exports the mango paste. Singapore, Malaysia and Japan are using mango paste in making ice-cream and other snacks. Now, Myanmar is planning to export the semi-processed mangoes to Malaysia on a trial basis. The semi-processed mangoes are popular in foreign countries, said Daw Ohnmar Kyaw from NT Star Group. —Than Zaw Min (IPRD) 


(Translated by Hay Mar)