Chain of title in real estate

The state is the “absolute owner” of Land in Myanmar; citizens do not hold absolute property rights. Land ownership and land use in Myanmar ...............
Exploring sweetness
Eating a lemon seemed unbelievable. First, I had a tiny tablet without taste on my tongue. It was made from the powder of a fruit found in West Africa, called the miracle berry from the Synsepalum dulcificum shrub.
Challenges and Changes in 2023 and Beyond

Innovations That Could Help Save Planet
Entrepreneurs around the world are trying to turn green tech ideas into viable businesses. Many are working with technology that has been proven to work but is too expensive for widespread use.
We warmly welcome Mount Popa National Geopark
Mount Popa, in reality, forms the largest and southernmost of the group of Lower Chindwin volcanoes. The area occupies about 500 square miles .................
PyinOoLwin was founded as a British Hill Station with a name as “Maymyo”. The name Maymyo translated as “ May Town” came from Colonel May of the 5th Bengal Regiment, .............
Losing Interest In Using Money-saving Apps
In the realm of personal finance, the quest to help individuals spend less money has proven to be a challenging venture.