Don't forget gratitude to oceans for daily life

The water area of the world occupies 70 per cent whereas the land area is some 30 per cent. The larger area of oceans gives food and natural resources to human beings and helps biodiversity species live safely.
Ensure the safety of food for all global people
Everybody can generally endure seven days without consumption of food, according to a Myanmar saying.
Unite strength in growing and conserving trees
MONSOON tree-growing ceremonies take place in various urban and rural areas across the nation as rainwater makes soil soft. Myanmar yearly grows hundreds of thousands of saplings in a variety of species in order to green the environment and try to improve climatic conditions as much as possible.
Create a good environment by easing plastic pollution
The annual report released by the UN Environment Program stated that nations delivered a big win for people and the planet by agreeing to negotiate a global deal to end plastic pollution, including in the marine environment.
Unite strengths to prevent disasters in various ways and means
Now is the time to end the month of May. Monsoon will enter the whole of Myanmar. All the people need to take care of heavy rains and various natural disasters in the early monsoon.
Implement reform processes in education for posterity
EDUCATION is the best investment for society with a long-term plan to improve the socioeconomic life of the people.
Restrict the use of tobacco for improving the world health
“ WE need food, not tobacco” as this year’s main theme was set by the World Health Organization to mark the World No Tobacco Day which falls on 31 May to increase awareness regarding the harmful effects of smoking and tobacco use on an individual.