Make well-preparation to respond to possible natural disasters

August 3,2022

NOW is a time of mid-monsoon in Myanmar which has faced some strong winds and storms with heavy rains and flooding. Thanks to well–prepared measures arranged by the government, this year’s natural disasters cannot severely affect the nation till today.

Myanmar had gravely faced the most severe impacts of the cyclonic storm Nargis which hit a large area of Myanmar in 2008, leaving hundreds of thousands of people dead and injured. The people residing in Yangon and Ayeyawady regions terribly lost a large number of lives in the bitter disaster.

While studying changing natures of natural disasters across the world, all need to make the best arrangements in Myanmar for responding to the natural disasters with existing human resources, depending on sea­sons and regions.

A firm organizational set­up, proper work system and harmonious coordination are essential in measure of disaster management. Different levels of the management system must be established with prop­er policies, plans and standard operating procedures.

The management bodies must have individual skills and teamwise skills for all partici­pants Ministries, and region and state governments should place an emphasis on the im­provement of the management system, human resource de­velopment, enhancement of capacity and esprit de corps of staff.

It is necessary to organ­ize the participants in advance, take practice as rehearsals against natural disasters, raise awareness of disaster risk, es­tablish natural disaster management bodies and mobilize the people and charity organizations under the provisions in the action plan for responding to the natural disasters.

Leaders need to have capabilities for deploying the human resources, infrastructures and useful materials in relevant areas with readiness to respond to various disasters. As such, they can conquer natural disasters in a short time so as to reduce loss and damage in the events.

The International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction is marked on 13 October every year for raising public awareness of minimizing loss and damage in natural disasters. This year, the Vice-Senior General called for public participation in the disaster risk reduction measures by successfully holding the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction this year.

Only when relevant authorities join hands with the people in fighting against natural disasters can the whole nation escape from the severe events. Collaborative efforts will be sweet after overcoming the challenges of disasters. As a Myanmar saying goes: Many hands make light work, all the people residing in Myanmar should join hands in responding to all kinds of natural disasters with conscience forever.