Expect a heaven life for people with electrification

Electricity is essential for global peoples in their daily routines. The supply of electricity helps operations of production in the manufacturing sector and daily household chores of the people in order to ease their work processes.
The people passing their lives with the use of oil lamps prefer to use electricity for enjoying a higher living standard. Electricity contributes to building a better society with smooth processes in various sectors such as education, health, economy, agriculture, livestock and so on.
The government is striving for electrifying the whole nation in 2030 under the national electrification plan. Hence, it is necessary to apply renewable energy such as hydropower, wind power and solar power to cut the cost of generating electricity without harming the environment.
In so doing, solar power needs to take the shortest time for generating electricity among other types of renewable energy. Hydropower plants cannot generate electricity quickly, as these projects need at least five years for completion. The quickest generation of electricity is from solar power plants, and even these take about one and a half years to complete. Whatever it may be, it is necessary to search for the best way of generating electricity in time for the people.
According to the current political situation, CNG prices have increased sharply. But Myanmar lacks sufficient natural gas for consumption. The country has to repair gas-fired power stations to electrify the people. Up to now, people do not have a sufficient supply of electricity.
Thus, the recently-released news stated that a total of 29 hydropower stations, one coal-fired power station, 28 natural gas-fired power plants and 610 diesel generators as well as two solar-powered stations are generating 7,121 megawatts of electricity in the entire nation.
Some 50 per cent of the total generating capacity of electricity is from hydropower. It was reported that a total of 60 renewable energy projects, including hydropower, wind power and solar power projects, will be implemented to generate 6,287 megawatts of electricity.
Efforts are being made to supply the national grid with 442 megawatts of electricity from Upper Yeywa Hydropower Project, Upper Kengtung Hydropower Project and Thahtay Hydropower Project. Arrangements are also ongoing to implement other hydropower projects.