Chinese demand for Myanmar’s soft areca nuts booming

Chinese demand for Myan­mar’s soft, fresh and moist areca nuts is on an upward trajectory. It is one of the main import items of China, areca nut depot owners said.


They offer them a handsome price as well. Chinese traders buy them according to branches or kilogrammes or the number of nuts. We are still unknown how the soft areca nuts are utilized. It is considered they are processed to make a snack after roasting in order to penetrate the southeast Asian market.


The shells of areca nut rath­er than nut are primarily con­sumed in foreign countries. They are also used in making tradition­al medicine.


Chinese traders import My­anmar’s areca nuts to meet grow­ing demand for areca nut raw materials. This way, Myanmar’s areca nut market has boomed.


Myanmar’s areca nuts are normally sent to markets only after drying and processing. At present, they prefer soft and moist areca nuts rather than dried ones. As it can save pro­duction cost, the farm owners are keen on selling the soft, green and moist areca nuts rather than dried ones.


Myanmar’s areca nut mar­ket has become widespread. The commodity depot of areca nut emerged in the producing states and regions (Rakhine, Mon and Kayin states and Taninthayi and Ayeyawady regions). There is competitive pricing in the market as well.


The depot owners buy the areca nut weighing 17 to over 30 grammes from the farm owners. Earlier, only dried ones were sold in the market. — NN/EM